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The College Cryptocurrency

CampusCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that aims to be used by college students worldwide for instant transactions between peers at their schools. Unlike the various forms of university provided currencies that are present today, CampusCoin aims to connect all colleges and universities with a simple to use digital currency that can be accessed directly through mobile devices.  The CampusCoin team hopes to make our coin available at local stores, bars, restaurants near college campuses across the world.  

CampusCoin offers benefits that are not obtainable using fiat currencies:


For Students: Incentive based Campus Ambassador program, receiving free CampusCoin by signing up for the app using their official school email, as well as having the ability to carry out decentralized transactions from person to person. 

For Schools: The ability to have access to a sub-ledger of all CampusCoin transactions that occur on their campus. This will be achieved using a unique key identification system for the wallet address of each school. This allows for schools to compile data that could be crucial to improving the financial aspect of its campus businesses. 

For Retail Stores:  Swifter transactions, protection from fraud, and quicker handling time per customer. 

For Investors: Parents of soon to be college students can purchase this currency so their kids can have money easily sent to them through our easy to use app/website.  Being an early investor may allow the CampusCoin set aside for a prospective college student to grow in value.  As schools begin to accept our currency, the more valued our coins will become.

Here at CampusCoin, we aim to revolutionize the college experience from top to bottom. 

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Coin Specifications

CampusCoin Coin

Basic Info

Coin Name: CampusCoin

Ticker Symbol: CMPCO

Max Supply:  1,010,000,000 CMPCO

Total Premine: 200,000,000 (See Premine Strategy Here)

Proof: Proof-of-Work (PoW)

Average Block Time: 60 Seconds

Block Reward: 500 CMPCO (Starting Block 210,000)

Block Halving Rate: 600,000 Blocks

Mining Algorithm: Scrypt

Block Maturation Time: 80 Blocks

Genesis Block Date: July 6, 2017, 16:30 EST

Wallets: Windows, OS X, Linux 

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