New Exchange Donation Progress

Cryptopia: Successfully Listed

Donation Address: 15FjLeDttUYgy7H3WnCfiCEbNWE7M3au64

Progress: 1.0/1.0 BTC (100.0%) 

Listing: Click Image

Livecoin: Voting is Live

Vote for us to be listed on Livecoin here.

Vote Progress: 124/30000 Votes (0.41%)

(1 Vote = 0.0001 BTC)

Note: Any user with a non-zero balance of any crypto on Livecoin receives one free vote per month. 

Bittrex: Donations Accepted

Donation Address: 1LKhNujThzpBHaLPg8pJVqz17uTZ3BX73D

Progress: 0.055/3 BTC (1.83%)

Donation Rewards

Recieve Rewards for New Exchange Donations

 0.001 BTC: 100 CampusCoin + "Donation Hero" Listing

0.01 BTC: 1,000 CampusCoin + "Donation Hero" Listing + CampusCoin  Koozie

0.1 BTC: 10,000 CampusCoin + "Donation Hero" Listing + CampusCoin Beer Koozie + CampusCoin T-Shirt

The CampusCoin team has set three separate donation goals: Cryptopia, Livecoin, and Bittrex. Each donation goal will use a separate donation address listed above.

When a donation goal has been met, the largest BTC donator for that given exchange at the time will receive an additional reward based on the amount that was donated. 

Note: Livecoin payout will be based on number of votes. 10 votes is equivalent to 0.001 BTC reward listed above. 

In order to receive a reward and be added to the "Donation Hero List", proof of donations and votes must be sent to 

Donation Hero List

  • designbylight - 0.105 BTC
  • dakotarrb - 0.100 BTC
  • Sam123 - 0.026 BTC
  • uncleyan51 - 0.025 BTC
  • grallen131 - 0.025 BTC
  • one5280high - 0.020 BTC
  • TopDeal - 0.012 BTC
  • bobzky - 0.010 BTC
  • SalamanderNatsu - 0.010 BTC

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CampusCoin is currently under consideration for being listed on, a decentralized exchange utilizing atomic swaps.  Clicking on the picture will bring you to the voting page for CampusCoin, where all voting is currently free.